LEDambient CONNECT family

App-based, individual car lighting

The products of the LEDambient CONNECT family can customize every vehicle’s look. These quality LED products are designed to add colors to headlights, fog lights and car interiors. Simple to install and run, these innovative LED products use Bluetooth technology. Once paired, the free OSRAM LEDambient CONNECT app allows to control the color, mode and lets the light pulse to the beat of the selected music.

The free LEDambient CONNECT can synchronize up to 10 LEDambient CONNECT systems to pulse to the same beat, set custom color presets with many colors to choose from, and control them all with one device. All products connect directly to battery or 12V power source with no switch required.

Breathe new life into your vehicle

Various products, various possibilities


LEDambient CONNECT App

The app allows for quick access to color adjustments of the LEDambient CONNECT PULSE, HYBRID or TUNING LIGHTS devices. Once connected, the user can quickly and easily configure their car’s accent lighting via Bluetooth.

Download the app here:

App StoreSM: Download for iPhone and iPad

Google Play store: Download for Android

* Please note: OFF-ROAD only when used in an exterior application. These products do not have ECE approval. This means that they cannot be fitted in exterior lights if the vehicle is to be used on public roads.

** Please refer to our guarantee section for precise conditions.