LEDriving XENARC: Golf VI Editions

Three styles to light up your lifestyle


Chrome Edition


Black Edition


GTi Edition

LEDriving XENARC headlights bring a distinctive look to Golf VI cars, making it possible to upgrade from halogen to xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights and LED indicator lamps. The combination of these two premium lighting technologies results in innovative products with an outstanding design that comes in three variants.

Whether the Black Edition, the Chrome Editon or the GTi Edition: LEDriving XENARC headlights deliver a significantly higher level of illumination, a greater luminous range and a whiter light, compared to standard halogen headlights.

With these powerful retrofit xenon headlights, drivers are able to identify road signs or spot any potential hazards in their path earlier than ever before. OSRAM is one of the first manufacturers to offer the option of this fully legal upgrade from halogen to xenon headlights – without having to significantly reconstruct the front of the vehicle.

And there's one more decisive advantage: There's no need to have any special expertise to install the LEDriving XENARC headlights.

Brighter, farther, whiter

A legal upgrade from halogen to xenon headlights with LED DRL

  • 2-year guarantee1
  • Up to 70% more light2
  • Up to 20 meters longer light cone2
  • Up to 40% whiter light2

  • Pixel-free optic thanks to state-of-the-art lightguide technology
  • No additional beam level adjustment and headlight cleaning system required
  • Easy plug and play installation without modifying or damaging existing cables
  • No additional parts needed for installation
  • No additional registration needed (ECE certified)

1 Refer to our guarantee section for precise condidtions | 2 Compared to headlights with standard halogen lamps